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Year of The Zoom

2020 became the year of the ZOOM, where everyone has gotten used to meeting online. Invariably, someone would say, “Hope, everyone is staying safe (meaning, from contracting COVID-19)”.

While such concern is genuine, and chance of contracting the virus is relatively small, there are and should be larger matters of concern, such as personal safety inside and outside your home.

In the face of recent calls and efforts to defund Police, releasing dangerous criminals from prisons (in name of COVID-19), and an uptick in crime, BLM attacks on small and large businesses, and civilians getting caught in the middle, it has become paramount that we take prime responsibility to be our own first responders.

Thus, we need to make our own personal safety a priority. Without the proper resources, the police simply cannot respond to threats in a timely manner. This means honest citizens are on their own.

In year 2021, we will kick of the year with our training to help you keep safe. If you are interested in learning about basic gun safety, shooting fundamentals and self-defense, give us a call. We have a class for you, no matter your comfort level with guns.

Have family members, friends, relatives needing training, want to familiarize yourself with firearms, send us a referral. We depend on the word of mouth more than any other medium of advertising, because we know, it is most effective.

Call us at 708-529-5421.

(Serving Southern Illinois since 2016)


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