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Illinois Gun Law Changes 2023

Let’s take a moment to discuss the gun laws that have changed in Illinois starting January 1st, 2023. We will also discuss some expected changes based on the political climate and pending court cases. Also a reminder about some of the changes that took place last year.

  • As part of the FOID Modernization Act, another change that goes into effect is an automatic renewal of your FOID card. This automatic renewal is triggered whenever you buy a firearm from a licensed dealer, and only if you submit fingerprints to the state police after Jan 1st, 2023. Note: If you submitted fingerprints before Jan 1st, 2023, they are useless for purposes of automatic renewals. 

  • Any day now (if not already) the ATF is expected to release its new opinion regarding pistol braces. Please note some pistol braces WILL be reclassified as stocks, the only question is which braces. If you have one of these reclassified braces on your pistol, your pistol will become a short-barrel rifle, and you will become a felon. 

  • Governor Pritzker has pledged a ban on semi-automatic rifles. We have seen a bill filed and expect to vote as early as January 9, which is today. This is a very bad bill that would ban virtually all semi-automatic firearms. It is very poorly written and unlikely to pass in its current form but be prepared for a so-called “assault weapon” ban to become law sometime in 2023.

Call your legislators (State Senators and State Representatives) and ask them to oppose this bill TODAY.


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