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Shawnee Training Academy goes USCCA

USCCA is an organization which promotes Education, Training And Self-Defense Insurance For Responsible Gun Owners. It surpasses the Training Standards for its Instructors by far over those set by National Rifle Association. USCCA Instructors are a cut above the rest, when it comes to receiving your Concealed Carry Certification Training.

USCCA Instructors are trained to impart not only the very Basic knowledge regarding guns and gun safety, but go further to teach about Conflict Avoidance, Emotional, Financial, Legal and Personal toll a Self-Defense shooting incident might have on your entire life.

Shawnee Training Academy instructors are both USCCA- and NRA-Certified. They teach from the very Novice to the Expert in Handgun Safety and Shooting Skills pertaining to all aspects of Self- and Home-Defense, with a much greater emphasis on Conflict Avoidance, if at all possible. Dealing with the Aftermath of a Self-Defense shooting incident is hardly ever talked about by other instructors, which should be of the foremost importance as the adage goes, "The Best Fight You can be in, is the one you are not IN".

If you are interested in taking an Illinois, Utah or Florida Concealed Carry Permit Certification, go to: or call us at 618-3O3-5264 for reservations. If you know someone, who might be interested in taking a course, we certainly would appreciate a referral.

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