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Utah/Florida Non-Resident CCW

Our next Utah/Florida Non-Resident Concealed Carry class is scheduled for March 20 from 9AM to 1PM, in Carbondale, IL. We only hold these classes about 4 times a year. We have only 4 spots left. Our Classes are never too crowded. Call early to avoid wait or disappointment.

Our next Illinois CCW Renewal Class is to be held on February 13 from 9AM until Noon. We have 4 Spots open as of today. Call us.

Now that you have (or will have it soon!) received your Illinois Concealed Carry License, you may consider joining USCCA as a member and not only learn more, but also be protected after a self-defense incident, whether at home or away.

We thrive and survive on referrals. If you enjoyed your training with us at Shawnee Training Academy, send us the names/e-mail/phone numbers of your friends, family or Loved Ones, who could take advantage of our superb training.

Call us with any questions or for any other needs in Self-Defense area, at 708-529-5421.


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