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Christmas is just around the corner

During the holidays, we spend more time running errands, visiting friends and family and, of course, shopping... Now, in light of increases in crime during this season — presents stolen from vehicles, deliveries taken from front porches and even home break-ins — I wanted to send you a few U.S. Concealed Carry Association approved safety tips. Here’s how you can make yourself and your stuff less appealing to thieves:

TIP #1 - Hide your gifts.  Whether you’re at home or on the go, it’s important to cover anything left in your vehicle and to remove eye-catching items from plain sight. You can also leave a note for any deliveries to be left by your back door or away from street view.  TIP #2 - Keep your eyes open and hands free. Self-defense incidents are often quick, complicated and dynamic. Stay in condition yellow at all times, remaining situationally aware, scanning your environment for potential threats and anything that doesn’t feel right in your gut. If you’re carrying something that doesn’t allow you to remain hands free, be sure that you’re ready to drop it and run (or seek cover) if necessary. The last thing you want is to be tangled in shopping bags when you should be ready to react to a threat. TIP #3 - Park smart. Parking lots, garages and poorly-lit areas are a prime space for criminals to lurk and lie in wait for a victim. Make sure you seek out a space close to the building you’re entering, away from potential hiding spots and one that is well lit. Keep your doors locked if you’re sitting in your vehicle and always look in between and under other cars for shadows or potential warning signs.

Remember, the best fight is the one you’re never in!


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