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Training The Trainers

We are now USCCA-Certified Training Counselors, and will be able to train and certify you to become a USCCA-Certified Instructor, teaching Concealed Carry and Home Defense Shooting Fundamentals (CCHDF). We will continue to instruct and certify you in order to apply for your state Concealed Carry Permit for Illinois, Utah and Florida.

We also have classes for the youth ages 8 thru 17, where we introduce them to firearms, and teach them safe handling of firearms. These classes are offered FREE OF CHARGE. Call us at 708-529-5421 to book a spot.

Are you totally new to the Gun Culture or know someone and would be interested in learning about Safe Firearm handling, and Fundamental Shooting Skills, we have 2 to 4 hour long classes for the Novice. Call us to reserve your spot in our next class. Our next Utah/Florida Concealed Carry Certification class is on October 17, 2020, from 9 AM to 1 PM. Our 3-Hour Illinois CCW Renewal Recertification Class is scheduled for October 31, 2020 from 9AM to Noon. Give us a class to schedule.

Of Course, we love referrals, and we only advertise via word of mouth advertising. If you have someone in mind, who could use our services and benefit from our expertise, send them our way. Call 708-529-5421.


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