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           ABOUT US


We are not only NRA and USCCA Certified Instructors, but also USCCA Training Counselors.  If you need to and have the desire to become a USCCA-certified CCW Instructor, or just want the certification to apply for Concealed Carry Permit, we train you. 

Safe handling of guns cannot be impressed upon enough. We take great pride and care in making sure, you have adequate training, and confidence once certified. 

            GROUP TRAINING


Our Courses are the  USCCA  courses. We offer Group Lessons as if they were individual lessons, not sacrificing any facet of your training necessary to become efficient in gun safety, shooting and gun handling.

Our groups will not exceed 10 students at any time. Student to Instructor ratio is maintained to at least 5-1 but could be even better at times, depending on the availability of qualified instructors.

            ONE-on-ONE TRAINING


Every student is important, and we do offer individual instruction, and classes are scheduled to meet the mutual schedule of the instructor(s) and the student. At Shawnee Training Academy, you will get first-class instruction, and when you leave the class, you will have gained confidence in gun handling, anatomy, funactionality and gun safety.